Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yay! I'm in the iTunes Top 25!

Well, don't get too excited. My daddy switched my podcast category from 'Arts & Entertainment' to 'Family'. So I checked the iTunes Music Store this morning and saw that my podcast was ranked NUMBER 23 (in the Family section). There was a bit of a boost in subscribers according to

Yesterday was an eventful day at Apple Computers. At their MacWorld Expo, CEO Steve Jobs introduced their first Mac computers with the Intel Processors. Among them were a new iMac and a new laptop called the MacBook Pro. With these new Intel Duo Core processors, they're saying that the MacBook Pro runs 4X FASTER. We'll see if these claims are true in the near future. Some cool features about the MacBook Pro include the built-in iSight camera as well as an Apple Remote for running Front Row.

My guess is that Apple is phasing out the Powerbook and iBook names from their notebook product line. They want to make sure they get the word 'Mac' in each product name. So I think the MacBook Pro will replace the Powerbook, and later this year we'll see a MacBook consumer-level model that will replace the iBook.

They also released a new iLife '06 suite. My daddy and I use iLife a lot to create our podcasts. The new GarageBand looks like it will have a lot of features that will be fun for podcasters to play with.

iTunes was also updated to version 6.0.2. Nothing major here. They created a mini-store at the bottom of the iTunes window which is a little annoying. My daddy had a tough time figuring how to disable it as I'm sure a lot of other people will to.

Here's how to turn off that mini-store:
Go to the Edit Menu and select 'Hide MiniStore' (The keyboard shortcut is Shift-Apple-M)

They also have a little button on the bottom right to Show/Hide MiniStore, but it looks exactly like the Show/Hide Artwork on the left hand side. So it's not exactly the most intuitive thing in the world. Anyway, how many times have you used those buttons on the bottom right hand corner of iTunes?!?

Well, there's your Nio-Mac-Tip-of-the-Day!

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